Our Mission

The mis­sion of Breast Can­cer Well­ness is to sup­port the mental, emotional, phys­i­cal, spir­i­tual and envi­ron­men­tal heal­ing needs of women fac­ing breast can­cer, no mat­ter what age or stage of the journey.

Mary Ann thought she had every­thing going her way
When breast can­cer was to change her every day
In anguish, Mary Ann cries out, her pleas full of doubt,
She was in a dark hole, with no light to show her way out.

She thought she had hope when a doc­tor walked by
Why didn’t he under­stand her tear filled cry?
He wrote her a pre­scrip­tion and went on his sched­uled way
But her fears and her direc­tion were still in dark dismay.

Again, Mary Ann cries out, her pleas full of doubt
This time a priest nearby heard her shout
He walked to the hole Mary Ann was in
I hear your cry, I will pray for your sin
Bless you my child, he had to say
And gave her three Hail Marys to anoint her way.

Prayer­fully, Mary Ann cries out, her pleas full of doubt
Qui­etly a stranger responds,
“I know your fears inside and out
I know the secrets hid­den within
I know too well this hole you are in.“
The stranger jumped with­out hes­i­ta­tion
Into the hole filled with dark tribu­la­tion
Bewil­dered, Mary Ann cries out, her pleas full of doubt.

What have you done, why are you here??I appre­ci­ate your grace,
But now we are both in this dark dark place.
“Shsssh”, says the stranger to Mary Ann.
“I hear your cries, your pleas full of doubt.
I have been here myself and
As a sur­vivor showed me,
I will show you the way out.”

© Bev­erly Vote, 21 year breast can­cer thriver