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Core beliefs – do you believe you can change them? The speaker at a Vistage meeting I attended before Christmas, suggested that most people don’t, they hang onto their ‘beliefs’ rigidly. So my question to you is, are your core beliefs really serving you or holding you back? Have you ever questioned your core beliefs? Are they your beliefs or thoughts formulated from generations before you or society around you?  Is there ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ or is this simply an opinion you have heard and agree with?

direction-255294_640Change – how often do you desire it but come up with 101 reasons why you can’t change? Money, family, health, job, where you live……… constantly reinforce in your mind your limitations that you can’t have what you desire. So ‘hey presto’… you get just that, you remain ‘stuck’ where you are, unhappy and discontent with life, blaming your misfortune on past events and circumstances. It’s incredible how people like to ‘share’ their woes, so often social gatherings become arenas for negative talk. Yes, there’s the old age saying, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ but this doesn’t help if the listener is in agreement with your thoughts, they are merely backing your ideals and attracting more doom and gloom, which perpetuates with greater ferocity.

Change – a person only makes a change ‘once the pain of NOT making the change is greater than the pain of staying the same.’ I have read this statement frequently and it certainly applies to me. My core beliefs  on life, how life should be, what’s acceptable and what’s not ,were preventing me from making some very dramatic changes in family life until one day cancer came knocking on my door.

In my search for answers  I read ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne, numerous books on the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks, ‘The Biology of Belief’ by Bruce Lipton, ‘The Attractor Factor’ by Joe Vitale and numerous others. I soon began to realise that I was in control of my destiny, that my beliefs were creating my reality; it was not the other way round. I had to change my ‘thinking’ and in doing so my life would become filled with endless possibilities and opportunities.

All the self help books will tell you to ‘decide what you want’ in life. Often people will reply ‘but I don’t know what I want in life’ so by writing down what you don’t want, can help you decide the opposite! Before going on to ‘feeling’ what you want, to ‘imagine what it would be like to have what you want’ to be ‘grateful’ for what you already have, I’d like to remind you what ‘In Mind In Body’ is all about!

It’s about our thoughts. You have a thought; it creates a visual image in your mind. The mind transforms these images into emotional responses; the hypothalamus in turn transforms these emotions into physical and chemical responses all over our bodies. Research show us without doubt that these ‘thoughts’ affect the immune system, they can affect a malignancy. So simply speaking the art of ‘visualisation/imagery’ is immensely powerful, it can direct your mind with positive ‘events’ although these events may be imagined, through repetitive use of visualisation the mind body and soul work together to create this reality. The cautionary point here being, that it is essential to be aware of what you are ‘thinking’ in case your ‘visualisation’ is causing you stress or can be perceived as negative.

Many will suggest that visualisation is merely ‘wishful thinking’ but neurogenesis proves otherwise. We are constantly generating new brain cells which remain dormant until around 21 days, hence the phrase, ‘it takes 21 days to form a habit.’ We can train the mind to achieve what we desire, through thought. Epigenetics scientifically supports the concept that memories are not only stored in the mind but in every cell of the body. The cell communicates through different vibration frequencies, like attracting like. Every thought, is energy and the frequency of that particular thought attracts similar thoughts, similar vibrations.

Let’s consider briefly ‘organ transplants’. In Paul Pearsall’s book ‘The Heart Code: Tapping the Wisdom and Power of our Heart Energy’ he writes “one young girl began having nightmares of being murdered after her transplant. Her dreams were so vivid that they led to the capture of the murderer who killed her donor.” Bruce Lipton in ‘The Biology of Belief’ comments by saying ““Psychological and behavioural memory does make sense if we realize that the transplant organs still bear the original identity receptors of the donor and are apparently still downloading that environmental information. Even though the body of the person who donated the organs is dead, their broadcast is still on.”

rose-66498_640I hope by now you are grasping how powerful the mind body connection is and how powerful our thoughts are. Our thoughts are ‘addictive’, the body and mind work together to back up our ‘core beliefs’ to generate a chemical balance within us to allow us to ‘feel safe’. Each thought has an emotional attachment, which is differs from person to person, depending on past experiences. For example, think of a bunch of white roses. Do you have the image in your mind? For some the roses may arouse happy joyful memories perhaps of a wedding, or christening. For others the roses may signify a sad event like a funeral of a close family member or friend. Just the ‘image’ without any action taking place, will have produced very different chemical reactions in the body’s of those people, depending on past events and their emotional attachment to that event.

We do have choices. You can choose to disagree totally with everything I have written, which is fine, that is your prerogative. But from where I am sitting and from my experiences I choose to ‘visualise’ and believe I can do things, to manifest my desires. If you are feeling ‘held back’ or ‘inhibited’ perhaps looking deep inside you, questioning your restraints will help you to step forward, to face the fear of moving on. We do after all set our own limitations on success and happiness, purely through thought.

In May this year, it will be four years since my breast cancer diagnosis. I welcome each day as I wake. I thank God/the Universe for all I have been given, I ask for help, guidance and trust along the way. I visualise several times a day my aims and objectives. Speak loudly my affirmations (normally as I run!) and constantly remind myself of where my thoughts are taking me, what I am attracting into my life.

In April 2012, I was invited to the Medmenham ‘meet & greet’ evening at the village hall; an occasion for new villagers, like myself, to meet the community. Each new member is asked to briefly introduce themselves and say what they do. When it came to my turn, I stood up and informed the audience that “I was going to create a DVD to help encourage cancer patients to exercise. I did not exactly know ‘how’ but that was my aim.” In less than two years my DVD idea has grown exponentially into In Mind In Body, with an aim to build our Foundation, offering hope and belief to thousands.

If you know someone suffering from cancer or any other debilitating illness, including stress please direct them to In Mind In Body – all our mp3’s are currently FREE.


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