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Core beliefs – do you believe you can change them? The speaker at a Vistage meet­ing I attended before Christ­mas, sug­gested that most peo­ple don’t, they hang onto their ‘beliefs’ rigidly. So my ques­tion to you is, are your core beliefs really serv­ing you or hold­ing you back? Have you ever ques­tioned your core beliefs? Are they your beliefs or thoughts for­mu­lated from gen­er­a­tions before you or soci­ety around you?  Is there ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ or is this sim­ply an opin­ion you have heard and agree with?

direction-255294_640Change – how often do you desire it but come up with 101 rea­sons why you can’t change? Money, fam­ily, health, job, where you live……… con­stantly rein­force in your mind your lim­i­ta­tions that you can’t have what you desire. So ‘hey presto’… you get just that, you remain ‘stuck’ where you are, unhappy and dis­con­tent with life, blam­ing your mis­for­tune on past events and cir­cum­stances. It’s incred­i­ble how peo­ple like to ‘share’ their woes, so often social gath­er­ings become are­nas for neg­a­tive talk. Yes, there’s the old age say­ing, ‘a prob­lem shared is a prob­lem halved’ but this doesn’t help if the lis­tener is in agree­ment with your thoughts, they are merely back­ing your ideals and attract­ing more doom and gloom, which per­pet­u­ates with greater ferocity.

Change – a per­son only makes a change ‘once the pain of NOT mak­ing the change is greater than the pain of stay­ing the same.’ I have read this state­ment fre­quently and it cer­tainly applies to me. My core beliefs  on life, how life should be, what’s accept­able and what’s not ‚were pre­vent­ing me from mak­ing some very dra­matic changes in fam­ily life until one day can­cer came knock­ing on my door.

In my search for answers  I read ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne, numer­ous books on the Law of Attrac­tion by Esther and Jerry Hicks, ‘The Biol­ogy of Belief’ by Bruce Lip­ton, ‘The Attrac­tor Fac­tor’ by Joe Vitale and numer­ous oth­ers. I soon began to realise that I was in con­trol of my des­tiny, that my beliefs were cre­at­ing my real­ity; it was not the other way round. I had to change my ‘think­ing’ and in doing so my life would become filled with end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties and opportunities.

All the self help books will tell you to ‘decide what you want’ in life. Often peo­ple will reply ‘but I don’t know what I want in life’ so by writ­ing down what you don’t want, can help you decide the oppo­site! Before going on to ‘feel­ing’ what you want, to ‘imag­ine what it would be like to have what you want’ to be ‘grate­ful’ for what you already have, I’d like to remind you what ‘In Mind In Body’ is all about!

It’s about our thoughts. You have a thought; it cre­ates a visual image in your mind. The mind trans­forms these images into emo­tional responses; the hypo­thal­a­mus in turn trans­forms these emo­tions into phys­i­cal and chem­i­cal responses all over our bod­ies. Research show us with­out doubt that these ‘thoughts’ affect the immune sys­tem, they can affect a malig­nancy. So sim­ply speak­ing the art of ‘visualisation/imagery’ is immensely pow­er­ful, it can direct your mind with pos­i­tive ‘events’ although these events may be imag­ined, through repet­i­tive use of visu­al­i­sa­tion the mind body and soul work together to cre­ate this real­ity. The cau­tion­ary point here being, that it is essen­tial to be aware of what you are ‘think­ing’ in case your ‘visu­al­i­sa­tion’ is caus­ing you stress or can be per­ceived as negative.

Many will sug­gest that visu­al­i­sa­tion is merely ‘wish­ful think­ing’ but neu­ro­ge­n­e­sis proves oth­er­wise. We are con­stantly gen­er­at­ing new brain cells which remain dor­mant until around 21 days, hence the phrase, ‘it takes 21 days to form a habit.’ We can train the mind to achieve what we desire, through thought. Epi­ge­net­ics sci­en­tif­i­cally sup­ports the con­cept that mem­o­ries are not only stored in the mind but in every cell of the body. The cell com­mu­ni­cates through dif­fer­ent vibra­tion fre­quen­cies, like attract­ing like. Every thought, is energy and the fre­quency of that par­tic­u­lar thought attracts sim­i­lar thoughts, sim­i­lar vibrations.

Let’s con­sider briefly ‘organ trans­plants’. In Paul Pearsall’s book ‘The Heart Code: Tap­ping the Wis­dom and Power of our Heart Energy’ he writes “one young girl began hav­ing night­mares of being mur­dered after her trans­plant. Her dreams were so vivid that they led to the cap­ture of the mur­derer who killed her donor.” Bruce Lip­ton in ‘The Biol­ogy of Belief’ com­ments by say­ing ““Psy­cho­log­i­cal and behav­ioural mem­ory does make sense if we real­ize that the trans­plant organs still bear the orig­i­nal iden­tity recep­tors of the donor and are appar­ently still down­load­ing that envi­ron­men­tal infor­ma­tion. Even though the body of the per­son who donated the organs is dead, their broad­cast is still on.”

rose-66498_640I hope by now you are grasp­ing how pow­er­ful the mind body con­nec­tion is and how pow­er­ful our thoughts are. Our thoughts are ‘addic­tive’, the body and mind work together to back up our ‘core beliefs’ to gen­er­ate a chem­i­cal bal­ance within us to allow us to ‘feel safe’. Each thought has an emo­tional attach­ment, which is dif­fers from per­son to per­son, depend­ing on past expe­ri­ences. For exam­ple, think of a bunch of white roses. Do you have the image in your mind? For some the roses may arouse happy joy­ful mem­o­ries per­haps of a wed­ding, or chris­ten­ing. For oth­ers the roses may sig­nify a sad event like a funeral of a close fam­ily mem­ber or friend. Just the ‘image’ with­out any action tak­ing place, will have pro­duced very dif­fer­ent chem­i­cal reac­tions in the body’s of those peo­ple, depend­ing on past events and their emo­tional attach­ment to that event.

We do have choices. You can choose to dis­agree totally with every­thing I have writ­ten, which is fine, that is your pre­rog­a­tive. But from where I am sit­ting and from my expe­ri­ences I choose to ‘visu­alise’ and believe I can do things, to man­i­fest my desires. If you are feel­ing ‘held back’ or ‘inhib­ited’ per­haps look­ing deep inside you, ques­tion­ing your restraints will help you to step for­ward, to face the fear of mov­ing on. We do after all set our own lim­i­ta­tions on suc­cess and hap­pi­ness, purely through thought.

In May this year, it will be four years since my breast can­cer diag­no­sis. I wel­come each day as I wake. I thank God/the Uni­verse for all I have been given, I ask for help, guid­ance and trust along the way. I visu­alise sev­eral times a day my aims and objec­tives. Speak loudly my affir­ma­tions (nor­mally as I run!) and con­stantly remind myself of where my thoughts are tak­ing me, what I am attract­ing into my life.

In April 2012, I was invited to the Med­men­ham ‘meet & greet’ evening at the vil­lage hall; an occa­sion for new vil­lagers, like myself, to meet the com­mu­nity. Each new mem­ber is asked to briefly intro­duce them­selves and say what they do. When it came to my turn, I stood up and informed the audi­ence that “I was going to cre­ate a DVD to help encour­age can­cer patients to exer­cise. I did not exactly know ‘how’ but that was my aim.” In less than two years my DVD idea has grown expo­nen­tially into In Mind In Body, with an aim to build our Foun­da­tion, offer­ing hope and belief to thousands.

If you know some­one suf­fer­ing from can­cer or any other debil­i­tat­ing ill­ness, includ­ing stress please direct them to In Mind In Body – all our mp3’s are cur­rently FREE.


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