Financial Wellness After Breast Cancer

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God wants us to pros­per finan­cially, to have plenty of money, to ful­fill the des­tiny He has laid out for us. 
— Joel Osteen, Joel Osteen Min­istries

Being diag­nosed with breast can­cer can have dev­as­tat­ing effect in all areas of our life, phys­i­cal, per­sonal, emo­tional – and finan­cial. Many of us never talk about the finan­cial aspects of our diag­no­sis but have you ever had any of these thoughts?

If only I didn’t have to worry about money.

I worry that my health cre­ates a finan­cial bur­den for my fam­ily, so I don’t always ask for things that I need.

I wish that I had the energy to be more finan­cially responsible.

Please, I can’t deal with any more problems.

Our jour­neys on earth are as indi­vid­ual as we each are. Carol Adri­enne heard the shock­ing words from her hus­band just days after she had returned home from the hos­pi­tal after hav­ing a mas­tec­tomy.  “You look old and ugly and I want a divorce,” he said with­out hesitation.

In what felt like a blink of an eye, Carol was expe­ri­enc­ing a per­sonal earth­quake of her own as she watched her life being turned upside down. She was forced to accept that she was los­ing her spouse, her home and pos­si­bly los­ing her life. Carol had mount­ing debts and she was soon to learn her hus­band hadn’t paid income taxes for sev­eral years. Carol had arrived at a place in her life where she had no vis­i­ble emo­tional or finan­cial sup­port and no where to live, all hap­pen­ing while she wor­ried about dying.

Fast for­ward, Carol Adri­enne divorced her hus­band, wrote the best­selling book The Pur­pose of Your Life, appeared on the Oprah show, loves her flour­ish­ing career as a numerol­ogy expert and is in a new long term lov­ing relationship.

Nei­ther life or cred­i­tors wait for us to get our finan­cial house in order. Life doesn’t wait until chemo treat­ments are over, doesn’t wait until we get healed from breast can­cer, doesn’t wait until we have the energy to find a great job, and doesn’t wait for us to win the lot­tery.
Per­haps you didn’t suf­fer sig­nif­i­cant mon­e­tary prob­lems as a result of being diag­nosed with breast can­cer, but many of our pink sis­ters face seri­ous finan­cial hard­ships and many faced finan­cial hard­ships prior to their diag­no­sis of breast can­cer, and now face com­pounded situations.

Per­haps you feel uncom­fort­able dis­cussing money or worry that you are under-paid and under-valued. Per­haps you accept that there isn’t any­thing you can do about your money woes or liv­ing your heart’s desire and life pur­pose.
Money touches almost every aspect of our life, and some­times it is one of the ele­phants in the room that we don’t want to dis­cuss and many times seems to grow more insur­mount­able every day. For many it may feel very unfair or impos­si­ble to have to deal with finan­cial issues at the same time of fac­ing such dev­as­ta­tion as breast can­cer. There is no avoid­ing that our finan­cial well-being has to be eval­u­ated because money affects our qual­ity of care and our emo­tional and men­tal states of mind, all of which impacts our well-being.

For many women diag­nosed with breast can­cer, it just isn’t a wake-up call to make dras­tic heal­ing changes. Breast can­cer has become their wake-up call to real­ize their real self worth and how this affects their finan­cial results, their life’s call­ing, and their way for­ward to help heal from breast can­cer in pro­found and last­ing ways. Some women believe what they learned in their jour­ney is what led them to their true destiny.


How did Carol go from being in phys­i­cal, emo­tional, and finan­cial dev­as­ta­tion and over­whelm to hav­ing a healthy and pros­per­ous life?

Neces­sity is a pow­er­ful dri­ving force that moves one’s life in a new direc­tion. Carol Adri­enne looked beyond her need to please oth­ers and began to lis­ten to her true call­ing. Through her life’s expe­ri­ences, Carol learned that life pur­pose is found in what you do eas­ily, and what you can’t help doing. She won­dered if she might do some writ­ing and she swears that is when God heard her.

Quite eas­ily Carol found found a place that worked per­fectly for her writ­ing cot­tage, and the book The Pur­pose of Your Life, Find­ing Your Place In The World Using Syn­chronic­ity, Intu­ition, And Uncom­mon Sense was born. “One of the great­est gifts I received as a result of hav­ing breast can­cer, going through a divorce, and learn­ing how to change my finan­cial con­di­tions was the gift of trust – learn­ing to trust what I needed would be pro­vided for me, and learn­ing to trust myself and that I had some­thing of value to share with the world,” said Carol.

It proved valu­able for Carol to hone her intu­itive skills and to seek expert help from some­one who had been in deep finan­cial holes her­self. Carol had the oppor­tu­nity to work with Karen McCall and learned first hand how to apply finan­cial prin­ci­ples that con­tinue to this day to make a remark­able and long-lasting dif­fer­ence in Carol’s finan­cial well-being.


Finan­cial recov­ery begins with tak­ing sim­ple, yet pow­er­ful steps

Finan­cial recov­ery begins with tak­ing sim­ple, yet pow­er­ful steps in the direc­tion of your desires and pas­sions,” said Karen McCall. “True finan­cial recov­ery isn’t about tra­di­tional budget-planning or the lat­est money-making trends or the hottest invest­ment. It is about address­ing one’s core rela­tion­ship and atti­tudes about money. I have learned that every­one, whether they have a lot of money or a lit­tle, deserves sup­port and com­pas­sion to improve their rela­tion­ship with money.”

Karen McCall, finan­cial coun­selor, founder of The Finan­cial Recov­ery Insti­tute, cre­ator of Mon­ey­Min­der® and author of the book, Finan­cial Recov­ery, devel­op­ing a healthy rela­tion­ship with money, has per­son­ally expe­ri­enced extreme finan­cial con­trasts in her life – expe­ri­enc­ing authen­tic poverty in her child­hood to pre­ten­tiously liv­ing high in an exclu­sive neigh­bor­hood near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran­cisco while work­ing in a cor­ner office in a pres­ti­gious pro­fes­sional dis­trict with a spec­tac­u­lar view of San Fran­cisco Bay.
The Wooden Bowl Sys­tem Doesn’t Work

In spite of all the per­cep­tions of a suc­cess­ful life and career, Karen McCall kept what she calls a “dirty” secret to her­self. She was broke, close to finan­cial dev­as­ta­tion and ruin. But Karen con­tin­ued to ignore her ele­phant in the room, and hid this grow­ing prob­lem the best she could. She put a big wooden bowl on top of her refrig­er­a­tor and threw all of her bills that she never opened into the bowl, even pur­pose­fully ignor­ing bills from the IRS. By keep­ing the loom­ing bills out of site sight, it was eas­ier to keep these fears out of her mind. The wooden bowl served as a catchall to store her unhealthy secret and she thought she was safe from oth­ers know­ing how bad off she was financially.

Karen’s turn­ing point away from a finan­cial tsunami came in her life when her friend Tom kept show­ing up at her door with self-help audio cas­settes. One of the first pro­grams that touched her deeply that Tom shared with her was Move Ahead with Pos­si­bil­ity by Robert H. Schuller. What spoke so deeply to Karen was when she read Robert’s words “Once you act, more pos­si­bil­i­ties will open up for you.”

For the first time in a long time Karen found the courage to get hon­est about the state of her finan­cial con­di­tion, to explore her his­tory with money, and to explore ideas and pos­si­bil­i­ties how she could begin to man­age her life dif­fer­ently. She also found the courage to take the wooden bowl off the top of the refrigerator.

Karen took an hon­est assess­ment of her life and finally faced that she had an unhealthy rela­tion­ship with money. She acknowl­edged that her rela­tion­ship with money had been filled with fear, self-doubt, guilt, pain and embar­rass­ment. Karen wor­ried that the world would not pro­vide what she needed, per­haps a car­ry­over poverty men­tal­ity that she had been con­di­tioned to as a child and that she tried to cover up with designer suits and the per­fect attache case. Karen won­dered if her past child­hood poverty expe­ri­ences were back to haunt her until she finally learned how she could be finan­cially well.


Karen McCall’s life pur­pose was call­ing her

As Karen con­tin­ued to take pos­i­tive actions, more doors opened up for her and she began the path that would turn into her life’s call­ing – help­ing oth­ers with finan­cial recov­ery after devastation.

Karen remem­bers the life chang­ing moment when she found her­self stand­ing on a rocky shore look­ing out across the Golden Gate Bridge and real­iz­ing that no mat­ter what her finan­cial cir­cum­stances were, she would find inspi­ra­tion and renewal. She had been in despair for so long that it felt like it would take a mir­a­cle to lift her spir­its. Karen remem­bers, “I felt a pow­er­ful surge of energy, inspi­ra­tion and courage. Yet noth­ing about my cir­cum­stances had changed, but I felt some­how that every­thing had changed because I knew deep down I would find the way. I felt the power from a source much greater than myself and real­ized this power had always been there for me, even in my dark­est moments, and that I knew I could make it across to where I wanted to be, and that I would cross that bridge, the bridge of Finan­cial Recov­ery, one step at a time.”

Today, Karen loves to help oth­ers cross their bridge from despair to pos­i­tive action. She knows what it feels like to be broke, embar­rassed and dev­as­tated. “Unless you know what to do about your finances, the feel­ings of dev­as­ta­tion don’t go away by throw­ing them in a wooden bowl on top of a refrig­er­a­tor,” said Karen.


What is Finan­cial Recov­ery and What Does It Mean for You?

The Finan­cial Recov­ery is a process that helps the par­tic­i­pant to develop a health­ier rela­tion­ship with money that is life-changing. It enables you to under­stand where you are, how you got there, how to change your finan­cial cir­cum­stances in the present, and how to main­tain a healthy finan­cial way of life long into your future. Finan­cial Recov­ery simul­ta­ne­ously addresses your inter­nal needs and your exter­nal behav­iors, because there must be har­mony with each other.*


Karen McCall founded the Finan­cial Recov­ery Insti­tute® to bring her inno­v­a­tive, trans­for­ma­tional approach to as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble. Her web­site offers free down­load­able arti­cles and resources to sup­port a finan­cial recov­ery includ­ing a free sub­scrip­tion to her blog which offers inspi­ra­tion for keep­ing on track. Her book, Finan­cial Recov­ery and The Mon­ey­Min­der® prod­ucts includ­ing money man­age­ment soft­ware and the Mon­ey­Min­der® Per­sonal Auto­bi­og­ra­phy work­book are avail­able for sale on her web­site. Karen spreads her pas­sion for her work by train­ing coun­selors and money coaches to build their own suc­cess­ful prac­tices. A pop­u­lar speaker and work­shop leader, Karen lives in Sonoma County, CA.


*Excerpted with per­mis­sion from Finan­cial Recov­ery, devel­op­ing a healthy rela­tion­ship with money

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