Flooding and Cancer?

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Jan­u­ary 2014 in the UK, has gone down on record as the wettest for over 250 years. Severe weather warn­ings con­tinue to hit the head­lines, with high winds and rain lash­ing the coun­try­side, destroy­ing coastal towns, rail­way lines and leav­ing the many areas under sev­eral feet of water.

Mar­low, in the Thames Val­ley where I live is no excep­tion. The water lev­els rose dra­mat­i­cally over night, last week­end. Sand­bags deliv­ered to var­i­ous loca­tions dis­ap­peared like gold dust. Res­i­dence watched help­lessly as the waters seeped through their door­ways and up through the floor boards at such an alarm­ing rate, they barely had time to lift their fur­ni­ture.  The bun­ga­low, a legacy left from my par­ents, to my brother and I, my help­ing hand to new oppor­tu­ni­ties, after what has been a very few dif­fi­cult years, was about to go under water!

Today, three days later the sit­u­a­tion here has been alle­vi­ated through emer­gency pumps work­ing 24hours a day, pour­ing the water back into the Thames fur­ther down­stream. Enough sand­bags have been dis­trib­uted to help peo­ple bar­ri­cade their homes, giv­ing them a lit­tle peace of mind, a rest bite before the next band of fore­cast storms arrive.

Through tragedy and dis­as­ter a very pos­i­tive com­mu­nity spirit has been born.  Neigh­bours, who barely acknowl­edged each other in pass­ing, have come together to work as a team, to help those around them less able, to build defences to save their homes, lift­ing moral and friend­ships to a high. Res­i­dences have even set up BBQ’s in the rain, to feed fire­men and sol­diers drafted into the area to keep the relief work going.

The ques­tion on many people’s minds how­ever is did help arrive too late? Should we have been more pre­pared to pre­vent this scale of dev­as­ta­tion? Should rivers have been dredged, drains cleared, dif­fer­ent crops grown on the flood plains to soak up the rain and sand­bags allo­cated weeks before it hit its peak?

Whilst unusual, I’d like now to draw some par­al­lels between flood defences and exer­cise and can­cer! Barely a day goes by with­out an arti­cle being pub­lished in the news­pa­pers about the ben­e­fits of par­tic­i­pat­ing in phys­i­cal activ­ity, both phys­i­cally and psy­cho­log­i­cally, on our health and well-being. Exer­cise looks after your heart and lungs, improves bone den­sity, reduces stress and anx­i­ety, and helps to keep your weight healthy. It can go fur­ther to help reduce the chances of can­cer occur­ring and its recur­rence and yet the major­ity of peo­ple, whilst know­ing this infor­ma­tion still fail to take action, why? They decide not to posi­tion the sand­bag, to pre­vent the water com­ing in.

So much I believe lies in the mind, our atti­tudes and beliefs our cru­cial. Are peo­ple will­ing to help them­selves or do they pre­fer to blame oth­ers? “Oh, it’s the government’s fault we are in this mess – force the envi­ron­ment min­is­ter to resign.” Will that really help? Surely allow­ing our­selves to become respon­si­ble for our own destiny’s, to look for dif­fer­ent ways to pre­vent and man­age a sit­u­a­tion, are vital.

Can­cer and flood­ing ruin lives, leav­ing dev­as­ta­tion behind in their trail. I have cre­ated In Mind In Body to help peo­ple phys­i­cally unable to exer­cise, through dis­ease and treat­ment. We have united the ben­e­fits of guided imagery/visualisation with phys­i­cal activ­ity through a series of FREE MP3’s, avail­able on our web­site. We aim to build a foun­da­tion which funds per­sonal fit­ness train­ers to visit the homes of peo­ple affected this way, to assess, edu­cate and encour­age them to become more active.  To fund on-line ses­sions with guided imagery experts and hyp­nother­a­pists to help to become aware of the pow­er­ful impact the mind has on our health, well-being and healing.

I am not sug­gest­ing that exer­cise will pre­vent can­cer, nor will sand­bags pre­vent the rain, but there are ways we can help our­selves, to take action, to give our­selves the best pos­si­ble chance to enjoy life.  At In Mind In Body we are offer­ing you the sand and the bag, but only you can fill it. They are FREE. I hope they bring you com­fort, hope and belief on your journey.



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