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woman-cooking-soup-8903622_lLymph Node Detox­i­fy­ing Soup*

Here’s a soup recipe that helps to cleanse lymph nodes. It is easy to make and great to share with others.

1 onion
1 head of cab­bage
2 cloves gar­lic
2 car­rots
2 cel­ery stalks
1 bunch pars­ley
5 kale leaves
2 sheets of Nori Sea veg­eta­bles
4 pieces of okra
1 cup brown rice
Bragg’s Amino Acids to taste
2 quarts of water

Com­bine all ingre­di­ents, sim­mer for 1 ½ hours

For three days, eat as much of the Detox­i­fy­ing Soup as you like. Drink as much water and herb tea as you want. Any two fruits can be included as snacks, but are optional. You can con­tinue past the three days for up to seven days if you prefer.


*Lymph Node Detox­i­fy­ing Soup used with per­mis­sion: Arthri­tis, The Alter­na­tive Med­i­cine Defin­i­tive Guide by Ellen Kamhi PhD RN and Eugene Zampieron NDFea­tures an entire LYMPH CLEANSING pro­to­col, includ­ing herbs, home­o­pathic, exer­cises and energy med­i­cine tech­niques for the Lym­phatic Sys­tem.

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