Laughter Stimulates Lymphatic Health

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It has been said that laugh­ter is good for the soul but laugh­ter is also ben­e­fi­cial for our phys­i­cal well-being. Breast can­cer is not a laugh­ing mat­ter, yet we can use laugh­ter to help us heal.

Stress and fear restrict not just our oxy­gen but also our joy for life, which in turn restricts all of the sys­tems of our body to work at their opti­mum includ­ing our digestive, respiratory, lym­phatic and cir­cu­la­tory sys­tems. This restric­tion on our oxy­gen flow also restricts our lym­phatic sys­tem to carry nutri­ents through­out our body. It also sti­fles the lym­phatic sys­tem to help flush out life threat­en­ing pol­lu­tants from our body.

Nor­man Cousins, author of Anatomy of an Ill­ness, was one of the pio­neers of the mind­body con­cepts. He wrote about what he thought it took for him to heal after being diag­nosed with a life-threatening disease. His belief as a result of his expe­ri­ence is that fill­ing your life with daily laugh­ter is not only ben­e­fi­cial, but is a vital com­po­nent to healing.

For many of us after breast can­cer surgery, our lym­phatic ves­sels have become com­pro­mised and need to have extra atten­tion through­out our life. Exer­cise, fresh clean water, deep breath­ing, proper nutrition, and laugh­ter are key fac­tors to improve the func­tion of our lym­phatic system.

Stud­ies con­tinue to show the heal­ing ben­e­fits of daily laugh­ter include:

  • Imme­di­ate relief of stress, fear, pain and depression
  • A change to the unhealthy envi­ron­ment of one’s body by gen­er­at­ing new endor­phines and healthy chem­i­cals into each of our life sup­port­ing systems
  • A return of per­spec­tive and bal­ance and a renewed sense of hope
  • Sup­port for our lym­phatic health by stim­u­lat­ing fresh oxy­gen to our body which helps flush out can­cer pro­duc­ing ele­ments from our body and to do the job it was cre­ated to do.

A diag­no­sis of breast can­cer can jolt us (and our loved ones) out of the joys of life, including the lit­tlest plea­sures of living. Adding laugh­ter can be as easy as engag­ing in Laugh­ter Yoga, joke books, funny movies, and con­nect­ing with peo­ple who make you laugh. Laugh­ter can help each of us to restore our body and soul and our lymphatic system.

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