Let Life Happen and The BREASTation

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B head 300(1)It all started more than a decade ago with a song, “Let Life Hap­pen”. The song became the title of a music CD for which I wrote the lyrics and my hus­band, Kirk, wrote the music and per­formed the vocals. Thus started a part­ner­ship that tran­scended a mar­riage that had already exceeded any expec­ta­tions I could have ever had. And then, the breast can­cer struck me.  Not only had I had a lumpec­tomy but now I was fac­ing the future need­ing a dou­ble mas­tec­tomy and reconstruction.

What resulted was another new begin­ning. Kirk sug­gested that I take my love of writ­ing and start blog­ging. He promised that if I wanted to do this, he would design a web­site where these writ­ings could be posted.  It is now 5 1/2 years later. There is a “Let Life Hap­pen” site that was not only cre­ated but rein­vented a few years ago that houses a con­tin­u­ous weekly blog along with other fea­tures that include a daily “In the News” fea­ture.  This site has become an award win­ner and I am sure that you will find some­thing of inter­est if you visit at LetLifeHappen.com.

But, we are not done there! Start with the sta­tis­tic that 7 out of 10 women who have breast can­cer surgery are never apprised of their options regard­ing recon­struc­tion. Give that infor­ma­tion to a 2x breast can­cer sur­vivor like me who has had a dou­ble mas­tec­tomy with recon­struc­tion.  Allow me to dis­cuss the infor­ma­tion with my plas­tic sur­geon, Dr. Saul Berger, who made my jour­ney so easy and to whom I turned to enlist help to pro­vide infor­ma­tion to help oth­ers. Add Kirk, who not only was my  care­giver but also is a genius when it comes to cre­ative vision­ing, videog­ra­phy, edit­ing and pos­sesses a desire to pro­duce an awe­some prod­uct. Voila! “The BREAS­T­a­tion” is cre­ated and another new part­ner­ship has begun.

What I learned along the way is that while we have an awe­some doc­tor whose years of expe­ri­ence can help with the answers to any ques­tions we may have about breast health and sup­port, etc., I didn’t know the ques­tions to ask.  I also learned that while I didn’t want a lec­ture series or a series of writ­ten arti­cles to have to read, I had no idea what could be cre­ated to fit my vision.  And most of all, I really wanted to con­vey the mes­sage that regard­less of what you may be fac­ing, it is so much eas­ier when the fear is removed by know­ing what to expect and how to deal with it and know­ing that you are never alone.This is the rather tall order that I pre­sented to Dr. Berger and Kirk.  Then I stepped back and watched as these two very unique indi­vid­u­als brought their own per­son­al­i­ties to the project and devel­oped what is now known as “The BREAS­T­a­tion”.

While they are both very sen­si­tive to the sub­ject mat­ter being pre­sented, you will appre­ci­ate how they allow for the devel­op­ment of each topic in its own nat­ural and unscripted way.  I know about a num­ber of sub­jects they are plan­ning to attack and the venues in which these sub­jects will be pre­sented and I do promise you that it will def­i­nitely be some­thing that you will want to con­tinue to fol­low.  They will take you places that you would never have been able to go in the past and will con­tinue to present every­thing from the per­spec­tive of a doc­tor who truly cares about his patients and a guy who will always share a per­spec­tive that comes from his very heart and soul and a nat­ural desire to help others.

I am so very grate­ful for what these two have given to all of us and hope that you will find that there is some­thing here for every­one. Please join me for a stop at Breastation.com as we share this very spe­cial expe­ri­ence together.

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