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Today is Valentine’s Day and it has become a “Hall­mark Hol­i­day” that focuses on romance, hearts, choco­late and flow­ers. Love and romance are ide­al­ized in ways that some peo­ple expe­ri­ence and many don’t ~ and we can be swayed by all this mes­sag­ing to think there’s some­thing to strive for and then we’ll know true love and be end­lessly happy.

Rather than give you ways to be roman­tic with your sweet­heart (if you have one), this arti­cle is about lov­ing you. After all, you are your life­time part­ner and this is your pri­mary rela­tion­ship. It’s you who is the source of your expe­ri­ence of love in your life. So many of us look out­side our­selves to feel ful­filled in love. What if you knew that you lov­ing you is the place where it all begins and ends?

Just for today, try on lov­ing you the way you imag­ine expe­ri­enc­ing per­fect love with your mate. Can you let your­self go and adore you? What are the ways that you feel loved? How can you give them to yourself?

Maybe it is flow­ers and choco­late, or going out for a roman­tic din­ner. Maybe it’s receiv­ing a long-awaited mar­riage pro­posal or a spe­cial piece of jew­elry. What do all these things sym­bol­ize to you? I believe that under­neath these things, we all want to feel a deep emo­tional con­nec­tion, to be seen and accepted just as we are, to be cel­e­brated and loved just because we’re adorable and lovable.

You’ve prob­a­bly heard the term “it’s an inside job.” This means that it’s about how you are with your­self. What does it take for you to be deeply con­nected to your own heart? When you look into your eyes in the mir­ror, do you really look and see your own unique beauty? Do you really get how pre­cious and per­fect you are, just as you are?

Treat your­self like the best Valen­tine ever today.  Sit for a moment with your eyes closed and ask your­self how you feel most loved. Then give your­self those expres­sions of love. Allow your­self to receive these gifts and know that you are so loved.

When you are filled up with love, then it’s much eas­ier to see that it’s all around you all the time. I invite you to open your heart to love in all its forms and to drink deeply from the cup of love.

Here’s the bot­tom line ~ every day can be Valentine’s Day when you love your­self fully. Here’s to you lov­ing you!


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