Making our minds matter

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Receiv­ing the dev­as­tat­ing news that you have breast can­cer can knock many peo­ple side­ways. An already heav­ily com­pro­mised immune sys­tem is fur­ther depleted as stress lev­els rise.

Daunted by the treat­ment which lies ahead, cou­pled with con­cerns about look­ing after fam­i­lies; chil­dren as well as age­ing par­ents. The like­li­hood of hav­ing to take unpaid leave and phys­i­cal dis­fig­ure­ment, can leave peo­ple totally overwhelmed. Even when sta­tis­ti­cally their chances of mov­ing for­ward suc­cess­fully after treat­ment are 90%, they can sim­ply only focus on the 10%.

As breast can­cer effects younger and younger peo­ple each year, many sol­dier on in a com­plete haze, hand­ing their lives over to sur­geons and oncol­o­gists. “I’ve not got time to visit a coun­sel­lor, take up reiki, yoga, acupunc­ture, exer­cise or juice.….I need to look after those around me. Get the chil­dren ready for school, do the wash­ing, pre­pare meals, care for my husband/partner and by the end of the day, I’m too exhausted to do any­thing for myself.”

face-79654_150Many of us will have heard the phrase ‘Every­thing hap­pens for a rea­son’.  Do you think this can be applied to a can­cer diag­no­sis too? Is treat­ing the symp­toms of the dis­ease suf­fi­cient or is it worth con­sid­er­ing the pos­si­ble causes? Has can­cer appeared within the body to make us take a good hard look at our­selves and reflect upon what’s going on in our lives? Have our spir­its jumped up and down enough until we can deny them no longer?

In my case yes. I finally stood back and addressed emo­tional issues I’d been shy­ing away from for years. I had done almost every­thing to ignore them dwelling up inside me. My mind was most cer­tainly in over­drive and I would run and run, not to release endor­phins into my body, but to exhaust my body in order to relax.

I do appre­ci­ate to some this might sound crazy but that’s what hap­pened. I realised I had to make changes and in mak­ing those changes, believe in a very pos­i­tive out­come. In August 2011, I sep­a­rated from my hus­band of 25 years, to set up on my own. I had no idea how I would sur­vive, how my life would turn around but I held absolute faith in my hap­pi­ness and abil­ity to help others.

Many ‘self-help’ books  talk about writ­ing down your desires, your ‘bucket-list’ of activ­i­ties. To visu­al­ize them, to ‘feel’ their man­i­fes­ta­tion and to be grate­ful. To think beyond my inter­pre­ta­tion of ‘pos­i­tive think­ing’. I did this!

Making your mind matterExcit­ingly sci­ence can now prove, with­out a shadow of a doubt, that through thought alone phys­i­cal, chem­i­cal and neu­ro­log­i­cal changes take place in our bod­ies to help us achieve the focus of our desires.  Dr Joe Dispenza’s won­der­ful book ‘You are the Placebo — Mak­ing Your Mind Mat­ter’ explains this in detail, along with some quite stag­ger­ing case stud­ies in heal­ing from the inside out.

Would you like to make any changes in your life?

Our thoughts have an incred­i­ble impact on our heal­ing and well-being. The great news is we’re not required to go any­where, we don’t require any equip­ment or cloth­ing, this is totally FREE and we can all  give it a go.  We can choose to make our minds mat­ter, to use our cre­ative imag­i­na­tion to bring about change. Lit­tle steps at a time.

Before we fall asleep or as we wake, our minds  are in their most sug­gestible state, so here’s a good time to begin. Take a few deep breaths in and out, con­cen­trat­ing on your breath­ing. There’s no ‘right way’ to do this, just believe what you’re doing is right for you. Allow con­scious thoughts to fil­ter through, don’t fight them, but come back to your breathing.

tree-157673_150Choose your desired expe­ri­ence, visu­al­ize it (play a movie in your mind) by see­ing your­self achiev­ing this goal. How would it feel to be in that moment? What sounds would you hear around you? Smells in the air? Taste in your mouth? By engag­ing all your five senses into the imag­ined expe­ri­ence you heighten the asso­ci­ated emo­tions and gen­er­ate a more pow­er­ful pos­i­tive mes­sage around your whole body.   Both the immune, endocrine and auto­nomic sys­tems work together to bring­ing about phys­i­cal change.

Effec­tively by upping the tempo of the asso­ci­ated emo­tions to the event, you up the tempo to phys­i­cal change. Grat­i­tude, feel­ing thank­ful­ness is a won­der­ful way to up the tempo and comes highly recommended!

As you repeat this sequence of events, once or twice a day, for sev­eral weeks, your body and mind will begin to change. You will no longer be reliv­ing yes­ter­days expe­ri­ences but inten­tion­ally cre­at­ing your future.

So whilst you may think you don’t have time to make changes in your life. Here’s a very sim­ple way to begin. Pos­i­tively imag­in­ing your desired expe­ri­ence, will begin to attract it to you, not from the envi­ron­ment around you but from the inside out.

As for me? I used these ideals to cre­ate In Mind In Body, to help peo­ple with can­cer improve their responses to treat­ment. Please take a look, down­load­ing is totally FREE.

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Happy Days.

Think it. See it. Achieve it









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