On Wisdom, Perception and Sexuality

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The breast can­cer jour­ney brings many twists, turns and sur­prises on the path. A big sur­prise is the impact on our sense of fem­i­nin­ity and attrac­tive­ness, which nat­u­rally impacts inti­macy and sex­u­al­ity. How can that not hap­pen? The bal­ance of our emo­tions, thoughts and spirit greatly affect how we per­ceive our bod­ies. This is a time when tap­ping into the well of our wis­dom can be help­ful and healing.

My favorite def­i­n­i­tion of wis­dom comes from Aris­to­tle who said wis­dom was the under­stand­ing of causes — know­ing why things are a cer­tain way — which is deeper than merely know­ing that things are a cer­tain way.

This is an open­ing to under­stand the rela­tion­ship between our per­cep­tion, which is the lens that every­thing passes through as we expe­ri­ence life, and wis­dom, which con­tains deeper truth. Our per­cep­tion is based on our beliefs. The adage that “see­ing is believ­ing” is back­wards. The truth is that what we believe is what we see. Our beliefs are the foun­da­tion for every­thing we see, hear and expe­ri­ence. It’s like look­ing through the lens of a cam­era ~ a fil­ter than can enlarge, dis­tort or enhance a scene, alter­ing our sense of reality.

Our per­cep­tions reflect our core beliefs because our unique expe­ri­ences and back­grounds will always color how we see things. Yet with an open mind and heart, we can go beyond our ini­tial impres­sions to dis­cover a more bal­anced, informed ver­sion of the wis­dom of the Truth.

Per­cep­tion and wis­dom are a fluid process rather than a fixed state. Med­i­ta­tion helps to clear the grime from our lens and sets us on a path to wis­dom and free­dom. Just as we shower each morn­ing to cleanse our body from the pre­vi­ous day’s dirt, daily med­i­ta­tion cleanses our mind and thoughts.

We all carry beliefs about our value as women, our attrac­tive­ness, our body and our desir­abil­ity. When breast can­cer comes into the pic­ture, our per­cep­tion shifts in many ways. What we thought was true and pre­dictable may turn out to not be. How do we han­dle these shifts in per­cep­tion that can make us feel like we’re los­ing our marbles?

If we can access our wis­dom and observe our life and our­selves with­out iden­ti­fy­ing with the cir­cum­stances, we receive a gift from our­selves. We can have com­pas­sion for our­selves and begin to change those beliefs. We can believe that we are beau­ti­ful and desir­able just as we are.

I encour­age you to cul­ti­vate a reg­u­lar med­i­ta­tion prac­tice. There are many ways to med­i­tate and all help to shed light on the nature of our thoughts. Choose a prac­tice that appeals to you and then use it regularly.

As you observe your thoughts, you become aware of the source of your per­cep­tions. Con­tem­plate your per­cep­tions of you as beau­ti­ful, desir­able, sexy, sen­sual and sex­ual. Observe your thoughts as they arise in your aware­ness. Ask your inner wis­dom if they are true. Ask for the deep­est wis­dom and Truth about these areas and then open to receive the wis­dom. Believe that this wis­dom is what’s true. As you do this, your per­cep­tions of your­self will shift and you will real­ize that you are beau­ti­ful, desir­able, sexy, attrac­tive and unique. Then cel­e­brate your­self and con­tinue to cul­ti­vate your wisdom.


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