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I have a dear friend who had a brush with death recently.  She had to have aor­tic valve replace­ment surgery. This was not some­thing she was born with. Her aor­tic valve eroded due to exces­sive expo­sure to cobalt radi­a­tion treat­ment she received fol­low­ing a mas­tec­tomy 39-years ago. Breast can­cer is the gift that keeps on giv­ing. Yes, treat­ments and options have changed but breast can­cer remains and still ruins lives.

I will con­tinue to write and be an advo­cate for this cause. I will not apol­o­gize for the stands I take nor care if every­one agrees with me. The best way to get the word out is to share our per­sonal stories.

I thank God my friend has sur­vived this ordeal and that she had the best med­ical team avail­able. Com­pe­tency is cru­cial but it is not the only attribute that counts. Good man­ners and treat­ing patients with care and kind­ness is also key. As a patient I do care how I am treated. Being a physi­cian does not give one a pass to treat me poorly.

Breast can­cer aware­ness month is com­ing to a close. Whether we real­ize it or admit it, we are all on the same team. We want an end. Whether it be pre­ven­tion, cure, early detec­tion and/or divine inter­ven­tion, breast can­cer does not have to be our lot in life.

For those who are offended by the color pink, I say get used to it. For some, it gives them a momen­tary relief from focus­ing on the neg­a­tive. It is a diver­sion tac­tic of sorts and hurts no one.   If the color pink and a breast can­cer walk can bring sur­vivors together as a form of sol­i­dar­ity, what is the harm?  If it lifts their spir­its then holis­ti­cally, we have touched their lives.

As a busi­ness per­son, I do agree that prof­its and dona­tions could be put to bet­ter use.   As long as  busi­nesses — char­i­ta­ble or oth­er­wise, are allowed to mis­man­age, these prac­tices may con­tinue.  How­ever, this is some­thing that can be addressed and cor­rected if we are willing.

The first rule of med­i­cine in treat­ing a patient is do no harm. That includes phys­i­cally, men­tally, emo­tion­ally and spiritually.

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