The Healing Agreement

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It was over 10 years ago that Heather Jose was told to get her affairs in order because she was dying of breast can­cer. Heather was only 26. Today, Heather is an empow­ered patient who teaches that our words and actions impact our heal­ing choices. Feel free to use The Heal­ing Agree­ment to have a bet­ter com­mit­ment from your health care providers as well as to keep the heal­ing promises you make to yourself.



To book Heather Jose for your next group set­ting and to help pre­pare you to go beyond treat­ment and to learn other ways to use The Heal­ing Agree­ment, con­tact Heather at 517–262-8397 or

Heather and I hope you will use The Heal­ing Agree­ment and share it with oth­ers to remind all of us that our words and our com­mit­ments can help to pro­duce deeper heal­ing expe­ri­ences. AND to remind us that it is our right as an empow­ered patient to have health care providers that will part­ner with us in the best inter­ests of ourheal­ing needs.

–Bev­erly Vote

The Healing Argreem

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