You Are So Beautiful

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Remem­ber that song Joe Cocker sang, “You are so beau­ti­ful to me…”? It’s one of my all-time favorite roman­tic songs. Some of the other lines are, “You’re every­thing I hoped for, every­thing I dreamed…”

The other day this song was play­ing in my head and I was inspired to stand in front of the mir­ror and sing it to myself. I belted it out just like Joe Cocker ~ well, not quite ~ as I was look­ing into my eyes. Some­thing inside melted and a new love con­nec­tion with me formed.  Since then, every time I look into my eyes those words come to mind. I’m in love with me.

Here’s the really inter­est­ing part of this ~ since this hap­pened, lots of friends are ask­ing me things like:

  • Did you get your hair cut?
  • New make-up? You look radiant!
  • What have you been up to lately? You look fabulous!
  • Have you been honeymooning?

My answer is the same to all: I’m in love, with me! It feels so good, and now I’m really get­ting what it means to know that what we think is what we become.

What is one of your favorite love songs? Maybe it’s “You Are So Beau­ti­ful”, maybe it’s some­thing else. Stand in front of the mir­ror and sing the love song to you. Sing it loud, sing it true, and sing it like you’re a rock star. Look into your eyes as you sing and notice what your heart feels like.  Get beyond any thoughts that you can’t hold a tune, because that’s not what this is about. It’s about you falling in love with you. Sing it as often as you like, at least once a day while look­ing into your eyes in the mir­ror. Then sing it in your car as you drive to work. Sing your­self to sleep. Greet your­self in the morn­ing with your love song.

I know, this may sound hokey to you. Try it any­way. There’s a way that music gets into our psy­che dif­fer­ently than speak­ing words. Some­how it gets deeper in and makes a big­ger impression.

In my research about the ele­ments of being sexy, self-love and accep­tance are high on the list, much higher than phys­i­cal appear­ance. Con­fi­dence and being com­fort­able in our own skin are signs of self-love. Why not sing your way to lov­ing you and feel­ing sexy?

I’d love to know what your love song is and how this exper­i­ment goes with you!


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