10 Wellness Tips

| September 25, 2015

bcw_wellness1.    Be true to yourself. Just because everyone is telling you to do something doesn’t mean it is right for you. Everyone has advice for a person with cancer, that doesn’t mean it is worthwhile for you. Likewise, walk away from negative situations or negative talk.

2.    If you aren’t invested in your choices, consider whether or not it is worth it. Negative self talk about something that is good for you is counter-intuitive.

3.    Give up guilt about your choices. Enjoy it and move on. Just don’t do it every day. I once had a woman ask me, “Don’t you want a chocolate chip cookie?” I told her that if I did, I would have one, enjoy it, and move on.

4.    Work within your strengths. We are mental, physical, and spiritual beings, but one of them usually dominates a bit. Use your dominate strength to drive wellness. I work from a strong physical standpoint first because that is my dominate cores strength.  What’s yours?

5.    Let good choices build upon good choices. A workout leads to a healthy breakfast which leads to a positive outlook. Keep it going!

6.    A little preparation goes a long way. It’s amazing what an hour on a Sunday can do to make it easier to eat healthy all week long. Have you tried a mason jar salad yet? Or making a weekly meal plan? Or creating a healthy grocery shopping list before you go to the store. Just think of the endless benefits; this saves time and money, food preparation is easier and more enjoyable, and keeps you out of the McHamburger fast lanes.

7.    Find someone to discuss your worries with. Often times my concerns disappear after simply saying them out loud. If they don’t then I know I need to…

8.    Follow up with a professional that is trusted. Waiting and wondering is the worst. Sometimes we just need answers. Have confidence that you know your body best and that you will find the answers you need.

9.    Make a plan and then work that plan. I don’t mean ‘schedule every minute’, but a list of priorities and time to accomplish them is a tremendous help.

10.    Enjoy life’s little moments. Look for them every day.

Heather-JoseBy Heather Jose, Author, Speaker, Breast Cancer Wellness Advocate

Heather Jose is a 15 year thriver of stage IV breast cancer, diagnosed at age 26, with a prognosis of six months to live. A national speaker and advocate, Heather’s message is to go Beyond Treatment.

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