Breast Cancer Freebies

| July 7, 2013 | 12 Comments
Website provided by Bethany Kandel, a journalist from NYC, that lists hundreds of free products and services for breast cancer patients and survivors, including wigs, retreats, magazines,  prosthetics, and housecleaning.

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  1. alean holden says:

    I am a survivor, would like to get this magazine.

  2. Kathleen Akey says:

    I am a survivor and would like to get the magazine.

  3. Barbara Edwards says:

    I am a 22 year breast cancer survivor. I developed Lymphedema after 18 years. Since I had a mastectomy and chemo, I wanted to do something to help other women who have gone through the same things as I did. So I became a Certified Mastectomy Fitter with BOC and I fitted other ladies for about 18 years. I have only recently given it up because I cannot face the problems that the government have caused with other O and P providers. I would still like to find a way to help others so I am keeping my BOC certification current in hopes that I will find a way to use it. I really like to see ladies “light up” when they see that they can look and feel like before surgery. I am always shocked when I am told by a lady that she had surgery 2 years or more ago and had never been fitted. The government is pushing small fitters out of business. Now, to my knowledge, there is only one fitter in my city and they do not take assignment. I always believed that to properly serve these ladies that a business should “take assignment” because most do not have the money to pay “up-front.” Perhaps this is a mission to be taken up this organization.

  4. Katharine Nicol says:

    Just getting over the treatment of breast cancer.

  5. Nicolle Muller says:

    I am a 2x bc survivor first one at 39 went into early menopause0 have neuropathy can never have implants developed mrsa with last mastecomy- lost job becasue bc in 2001 had a and cy my mother had it before i was born in 1957 & again in 1980 in thjose days they did nothing then she developed eshaguel cancer had chemo and radation and all my saved money and my dads went to keeping her alive after she passed in 05 two days later i had a mam and a sono and had 2nd bc i am flat chested i am a survivor would like the nmagazine i could tell you stroys re life and business also do you have any pins thank you

  6. Katharine Barham says:


    Do you send your magazine to Canada?

    And if, what is the cost?




  7. Joanna DeChenne says:

    I’d love to see what you have as Freebies!
    I battled this disease starting just last year. Full reconstruction, tons of meds – the worst. My sister had it the same time as I. Her stage was worse than mine. I was diagnosed 11-17-15, and she, on 12-7-15. I spent the entire year thinking she was going to die. We are two years apart and best friends.
    I’m looking for fellowship, love, support and new friends who’ve been though this journey and come out the other side with sparkles in their eyes and a direction to their new lives. I can’t wait for the Thrivers Cruise! Only 12 days away!!! Thank you GOD.

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