Faith, Hope and Healing

| December 29, 2015

woman-snow-16183175_mlInspiring lessons learned from people living with cancer

By Bernie Siegel, M.D. and Jennifer Sander


“To this day, I continue to believe that Love, Medicine and Miracles written by Bernie Siegel M.D. should be required reading for anyone diagnosed with cancer. I am not the only one who appreciates this book; it has sold over two and a half million copies and remains timeless wisdom for anyone facing cancer. You will find all of Bernie’s books to be filled with compassion, inspiration and keen perspection about healing our bodies and our lives. Here is the Introduction from another favorite of Bernie’s books, Faith, Hope & Healing.
—Beverly Vote

“Bernie Siegel is one of the greatest healers of our time. The stories he shares in Faith, Hope, and Healing demonstrate the healing effect of treating cancer not just with conventional medicine but by changing the way you think about your disease, the way you act toward those who love and care for you, and the way you feel about yourself. The mind is the most powerful tool you have for fighting back.”
—Deepak Chopra, author of Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment

After countless years of helping people participate in the process of healing their lives and curing their bodies when they have been diagnosed with cancer, I can tell you that I have seen the power of faith, hope, and healing, and what they can accomplish. These three states of grace have taught me that all the side effects of cancer are not by definition bad. So-called curses can become blessings, and an illness can help us come alive as human beings. Many people see their disease as a wake-up call that inspired them to literally begin their life anew. The side effects of cancer can become the labor pains by which we give birth to ourselves and the lives we were meant to live. The side effects empower us to nourish our lives, just as hunger forces us to seek nourishment for our bodies.
In Faith, Hope and Healing, I share with you the inspiring stories of those who have experienced cancer, and in their own way found deeper faith, hope, and healing – and even joy through the process. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, these stories will encourage and help you to develop attitudes and behaviors that survivors share, while also offering you a myriad of ways to get through this difficult time and discover the gifts that cancer can bring into your life. After each entry in the book, I share my reflections about the lessons that can be learned and the wisdom derived from experiencing these stories.
Why collect these stories? Why do I feel it is truly educational and healing to read the stories of others who have gone through similar ordeals? To put it simply, it is because the tourists cannot help the natives. What I mean is, those who have experienced a diagnosis of cancer can help you cope with and triumph over yours. What can you learn from people like Carol Westfahl, Tom Martin, Jane Goldman, and the many other brave individuals whose stories are included here? You can learn the enormous healing power of art, the amazing transformation that journaling can produce, and the spiritual resources available to us all. Each person shares how their desire, intention, determination, and willingness to survive led them to become an active participant in their life and health. In all cases, the decision to participate and take responsibility was a true turning point in their life.

Faith is needed to survive.

Life is full of obstacles that make it difficult and sometimes seem meaningless, but faith will help you to find support and meaning. As you adjust to the changes of your day-to-day life after your diagnosis, or the diagnosis of a loved one, you will find that faith is a strong component in helping to pull you through. There is a reason God didn’t make a perfect world – perfection would make our lives meaningless. We would never have the opportunity to grow and appreciate life’s little gifts and miracles if everything were already perfect.
Faith and spirituality relate to the wonder and creation of life. But what you have faith in is the key. Just as you have a remote control to select channels, you use your mind to select what messages you are open to and where your faith is placed. When you have faith, your actions become creative. You can trust in what comes your way and use it to better your life and the lives of those around you.


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