The Healing Agreement

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It was over 10 years ago that Heather Jose was told to get her affairs in order because she was dying of breast cancer. Heather was only 26. Today, Heather is an empowered patient who teaches that our words and actions impact our healing choices. Feel free to use The Healing Agreement to have a better commitment from your health care providers as well as to keep the healing promises you make to yourself.



To book Heather Jose for your next group setting and to help prepare you to go beyond treatment and to learn other ways to use The Healing Agreement, contact Heather at 517-262-8397 or

Heather and I hope you will use The Healing Agreement and share it with others to remind all of us that our words and our commitments can help to produce deeper healing experiences. AND to remind us that it is our right as an empowered patient to have health care providers that will partner with us in the best interests of ourhealing needs.

–Beverly Vote

The Healing Argreem

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