The Love Boat

| April 13, 2014 | 4 Comments

It is almost here, embarkation day.  Many of us have been counting down the days (less than 13) until we set sail on the 8th Annual  Thrivers Cruise.   This is the mother of all cruises.  The crown jewel, so-to-speak.  How fitting that this year we will be sailing on The Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas.  Our ports-of-call are Belize and Cozumel.

If the comments on our group page are any indication, this year is going to be a riot.  This group is diverse, witty and whimsical.  We come from various corners of the globe to spend five glorious nights together sailing the Caribbean.

During this tour, we will talk about breast cancer, laugh about breast cancer, cry about breast cancer and forget about breast cancer.  Just as no two people are the same, no two breast cancer journeys are the same.  Each one is as unique as the person who owns it.

This cruise is hosted by Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine.  Publisher, Beverly Vote, goes all out to ensure everyone is attended to.  We will be treated like royalty.  During the “at sea days”, we will attend workshops.  A lot of planning and organizing goes into securing “the best of the best” in the breast cancer world.  This year is no exception.

Many of us are channeling our inner adventurer and trying new activities such as:  water cave exploration; snorkeling; parasailing; and traveling the less inhabited areas in Belize to scope out wild-life along the rivers.  Dull and boring are not adjectives to describe us.

The one common denominator that brings us all together is breast cancer.  We represent all ages and all stages.  For this week, breast cancer will not be in control.  There will be no radiation or chemotherapy treatments to go to; there will be no blood draws; no mammograms; no MRI’s; nor any other medical test or device to endure.  We will own “the beast”.

Our solidarity will be strong, our energy will be electrifying, and there will be a pep in our step.  We will meet new people, try new things, challenge ourselves and refresh our spirits.

There is one thing we all learned on our respective journeys – life is short.  No one is guaranteed tomorrow.  Rather than sit in fear waiting for cancer to defeat us, we will roar like lions proclaiming our courage and dominion over this insidious disease.

Rock on, Thrivers!


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  1. Lakenia Robinson says:

    From the moment my final pay­ment was made my excite­ment level was heighten. I’m look­ing for­ward to meet­ing new sis­ters on this LOVE BOAT cruise to Mex­ico! I will be cel­e­brat­ing 10/5 years of can­cer free and antic­i­pat­ing 50 years of life soon. Thou this jour­ney hasn’t always been easy, every morn­ing the Lord allows me to wake up, look up and get up on this side I will con­tinue to Thrive for great­ness to the best of my abil­ity and ROAR LIKE A LION. I’m excited and anx­ious to meet all youTHRIVING SURVIVORS. Love you all! Lakenia

  2. anne marie adamd says:

    Wish I had known about this before. Need to go somewhere. So depressed.

    • Wendy Doherty says:

      Anne Marie, I am sorry you are depressed. Breast cancer takes its toll on us physically, emotionally and at times, spiritually. It is my prayer that you will soon be feeling stronger. I wish all women diagnosed with this disease could be treated to a cruise. Hangeth in there. Hugs.

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